Music: Frazey Ford

fraze ford

So, my uncle told me about this brilliant musician last week and as it turns out I will be seeing her at the Winnipeg Folk Festival in less than a month! Canadian singer-songwriter Frazey Ford was born in Castlegar, British Columbia. She is a founding member of The Be Good Tanyas but her solo career began with the release of her album Obadiah in the summer of 2010.

The release of her second album Indian Ocean features the catchy song, “September Fields“. Her voice is something easy to listen to and the music is kinda dancey! It’s a really nice mix. Catch her at the Winnipeg Folk Festival Mainstage Saturday July 11 at 6:00PM before another Favourite Dan Mangan + Blacksmith! See you there!



Muisc: Florence + The Machine


So this powerhouse isn’t anything new but I haven’t featured Florence + The Machine on my blog and with their awesome new album out today I had to share! The band formed in London in 2007 with singer Florence Welch and Isabella Summers and a collaboration of other artists including Robert Ackroyd, Christopher Lloyd Hayden, Tom Monger, Mark Saunders, Rusty Bradshaw and Sam White.

Their next album How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful comes out TODAY! They released singles including “Ship To Wreck“, “What Kind of Man“, “Delilah” and “St Jude“. My favourite that I have been listening to on repeat is “Delilah” so I have embeded it below, you’re welcome.



Music: The Bros. Landreth

The Bros Landreth

The love of music for Winnipeg roots band, The Bros. Landreth, began when brothers Joey and Dave Landreth attended their father’s gigs as children. They recently released their first album with band members Ariel Posen and Ryan Voth. Fun fact because I’m from Manitoba and I thought this was cool, their first album was recorded in a straw bale house in southern Manitoba, during one of the coldest winters. I think they are referring to the winter where it was colder here than on Mars…

In 2015 they won the Juno Award for Roots & Traditional Album of the Year – Group. The two most popular songs off of their 2015 album Let It Lie are title track “Let it Lie” and “I Am The Fool“. I say “roots” in the paragraph above only because I feel I have to but I can’t totally put my finger on what genre they are, but I think that’s what I like so much about their music, you get such a variety on one album. The song I am sharing is a sad one, it’s about letting go and I think it’s quite beautiful.

I’m sorry that I left so soon / I left you standing at the gallows / You were all strung out / The hangman waiting for the sign



Music: Milo Greene

Milo Greene

From Los Angeles, California, Milo Greene is an indie-folk band, with four lead singers. Band members Robbie Arnett, Graham Fink, Andrew HeringerMarlana Sheetz and Curtis Marrero on percussion. The band has released two albums, the more folky of the two is self titled album Milo Greene (2012) notable tracks are “1957” and “Silent Way”. Control (2015) took a turn towards indie-pop and was released earlier this year, must listen tracks are “White Lies” and “Heartless”

In the song “White Lies” Marlana has a strong voice and it stands out, I also want to shout out to the drums in this song subtle but I would miss them if they weren’t present. Have a listen below, it won’t disappoint!

Time won’t lie / I’ve suspected this for too long / I’m done trying / To convince you I’m worth holding on


Music: Shred Kelly

Shred Kelly

With a different spin on folk music and energy to spare Shred Kelly has become one of my new favourite bands. From Fernie, British Columbia, Canada this group of five is modernizing folk music. The band consists of Tim Newton (Vocals, Banjo, Cello Banjo, Guitar, ukulele), Sage McBride (Vocals, keyboard), Jordan Vlasschaert (Bass, Acoustic Guitar), Ty West (Electric Guitar) and Ian Page Shiner (Drums)

According to Spotify their most listened to track is “The Bear” off of their second album In the Hills (2012). I really enjoy “Start Again” off of their third album Sing to the Night (2015). There is just something very cool about the track, I can’t exactly put my finger on it but the combination of the more “dance” drum and the plucking of the banjo are an interesting combination. From their music I can tell that this is a band I won’t miss at the 2015 Winnipeg Folk Festival.

She came in like a storm across the great prairie skies / Promising to use her mind to make them realize / That the roots that were laid weren’t as strong as they had thought / She was a person though the writing said she’s not.




Music: RURA


I’ve started to familiarize myself with some of the line up for the 2015 Winnipeg Folk Festival so for the next couple months I will likely be featuring bands from the line up. First up is RURA, they are a five man band from Glasgow, Scotland made up of Jack Smedley (Fiddle), Steven Blake (Bagpipes & Whistle), David Foley (Bodhran & Flute), Adam Holmes (Guitar & Vocals) and Adam Brown (Guitar). They had me at bagpipes, I love me some bagpipes and two great instrumental tunes for bagpipes by these strapping fellas are “Oran nan Mogaisean” and “Viva” off of their studio album Break It Up (2012). Watch for their new album Despite the Dark coming out in April 2015.

I love traditional music, call me a nerd but I was a ballerina and grew up listening to classical music and to this day I love it. I think that’s why I love the bagpipes and that celtic sound because it’s traditional and it has a passion and a culture behind it, I love that. If you want to hear some vocals I would highly recommend “Mary” and “Allegory”, you can hear their beautiful, beautiful accents.

Oh, Mary come and rest your bones / open your curtains and windows / my heart is heavy as a stone / and i don’t know much but i know this feels like home




Music: Of Monsters And Men

Of Monsters And Men

I fell in love with Of Monsters And Men back in 2012 when I was checking out bands that were performing at Sasquatch! Festival that year. The song and video for “Little Talks“, off of their first studio album My Head is an Animal, was so different and captivating that I needed to know more! They are a five member band from Iceland made up of Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir (lead singer/guitarist), Ragnar “Raggi” Þórhallsson (co-singer-guitarist), Brynjar Leifsson (guitarist), Arnar Rósenkranz Hilmarsson (drummer) and Kristján Páll Kristjánsson (bassist).

After the release of their first album we got another taste of their sound with “Silhouettes” on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire Soundtrack and since late last year they have been hinting at new music. It was confirmed last Wednesday that they would be releasing a single this week, yesterday they graced us with “Crystals” accompanied by a lyric video featuring the happiest man alive mouthing the words. i forgot how happy their music made me, Nanna’s voice is incredible and those drums! Their new album Beneath the Skin is set to be released on June 9th and the deluxe edition includes 15 tracks.

Cover your crystal eyes / And feel the tones that tremble down your spine / Cover your crystal eyes / And let your colours bleed and blend with mine




Music: Mumford & Sons

Mumford & Sons

SURPRISE, the world has been blessed with a new Mumford & Sons album ! The UK band announced they were coming out with a new album last Monday titled Wilder Mind that will be released May 4th. One week later they released the albums first single titled, “Believe”. Do we need to ask if I’m in love?

The band is taking a new electric direction with their third studio album quite different . The song starts in old Mumford territory with a more folky slow pace and builds for the first two minutes until the halting electric guitar kicks in. The song concludes with upbeat, loud, powerful electric guitar, drums and bass. Overall the new sound is refreshing and it fits them, I think the reason it works so well is because they’ve kept their folk roots and you can tell that in this song.

Say something / Say something / Something like you love me.



Music: STARS & Hey Rosetta!


Hey Rosetta! is a seven member indie folk band from St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The band members include Tim Baker (vocals, guitar, piano), Josh Ward (bass, backing vocals), Adam Hogan (lead guitar), Phil Maloney (drums), Kinley Dowling (violin), Romesh Thavanathan (cello) and Mara Pellerin (french horn, keys, vocals).

They had a great story that Tim shared about their song “Cathedral Bells” and how it was inspired by something that happened when they were stopped in Winnipeg on tour. Apparently Tim was trying to get to sleep on the hardwood floors at 80 Furby Street when at 3 AM the cathedral bells, likely from Westminster United Church, began to ring. The plan was to tell that story and then play the song but Baker’s guitar was broken.

Hey Rosetta! has a total of 4 full length albums, Plan Your Escape (2006), Into Your Lungs (and around in your heart and on through your blood) (2008), Seeds (2011) and Second Sight (2014). One of my favourites off the new album is “Soft Offering (For The Oft Suffering)” I really enjoy the lyrics and the drums on this one and as always, Baker’s voice.

Anna, can I come and walk you home? / I’m not gonna want to be alone / Beat it up when the sunlight comes / Putting a cut by the clock on the wall


From Toronto, Ontario, Canada STARS are an indie pop band comprised of Torquil Campbell, Amy Millan, Evan Cranley, Chris Seligman and Patrick McGee.

Ohhh do these guys know how to dance! Torq and Amy have amazing chemistry and Torq has got moves better than Jagger! They were so fun and entertaining to watch. They were stuck up for fans that were getting kicked out for dancing in front of the stage, it showed solidarity with the fans.

They played “The North” for the first time on tour this year and the first line of the song was very fitting for a Winnipeg setting, “It’s so cold in this country” I had a laugh at that. But my favourite moment had to be during the encore when Torq paused before their last song and said, “I don’t want to take this shit for granted”, he went on to talk about how art is dying and that he thanked us for giving a little bit of money and time to come out and hear them. They began their last song and as it was reaching the end he sat on stage front and centre just taking it all in. It really showed how humble and appreciative he was and as an audience member and fan I thought that was incredibly cool.

They have seven full length albums Nightsongs (2001), Heart (2003), Set Yourself on Fire (2004), In Our Bedroom After the War (2007), The Five Ghosts (2010), The North (2012) and No One Is Lost (2014). I’m sharing the first song I heard by STARS off their new album titled “From the Night

From the night / Is a message to all of you sleeping / Every dream in your head as you lie in your bed is worth keeping / And she said / I don’t care if we never come back from the night


Music: The Barr Brothers

The Barr Brothers

My favourite is when I get to share great bands from my homeland! So today I bring you The Barr Brothers, a folk quartet from Montreal, Quebec. Founded by brothers Andrew Barr (drums, percussion, vocals, keys) and Brad Barr (guitar, vocals) and adding Sarah Pagé (harp, vocals, percussion) and Andres Vial (keys, bass, vibes, percussion, vocals).

The band released a self titles album in 2011 with their single, “Beggar In The Morning“. This track is so peaceful and it definitely takes me back to Folk Fest days under the trees. “Even The Darkness Has Arms” seems to be the more popular song that you have probably heard, it is a track off of their 2014 album Sleeping Operator.

You can be cruel when you’re wise / You can be wise when you’re blue