California – Day 3

img_8914Most people these days go to Hollywood to see their favorite celebrities of the new millennium. I went to Hollywood to mostly explore the past. I am a HUGE fan of the 50s Marilyn, Audrey and one of my favorite 50s comedians (above) Lucille. Some Like it Hot, Breakfast at Tiffany’s and I Love Lucy are some of my favorites from the silver screen. If I weren’t born in the 90s growing up on the Spice Girls I would definitely have to have been born in the 50s.

So today we did a star walk where I found Marilyn’s star not Audrey’s or Lucille’s maybe Friday. But I snapped so many pictures of stars like The Muppets, Shrek and Kermit the Frog all have their own stars it was pretty cool. Hollywood Boulevard is a place for harassment all the wannabe’s trying to make it, “buy my CD”, singing songs like “pay me or I’m going to stalk you”, or  ”hey want a picture with Jack Sparrow” NO! …Wait a second, yes I do!


This guy was unreal even his mouth moved the way Jack Sparrow’s did it was crazy! Made me wonder if J. Depp just dresses up like Jack for shits and giggles then goes out on the Hollywood strip and no one ever knows… Anyway moving on. We went on a tour of celebrity homes like Katy Perry (her window was open), Justin Timberlake, Jim Morrison, Al Pacino, Drew Carrey, Borat, Jen Aniston, Ringo Star and quite a few more. The tour also took us down Sunset Boulevard and Rodeo Drive.

After the bus tour we got free access to the Madame Tussauds wax museum. Lucky for my sister they just made a Justin Bieber wax figure… Oh. Em. Gee. Lucky for me they have always had Audrey, Marilyn and Ginger. For my Dad they had Raquel Welch and my mother Colin Farrell and John Wayne and my bother, well, he was cool with Obama and the Godfather.

Now some of you may be saying, “Uh a wax museum… Woo… Hoo…” seriously you will be giddy, it is the next best thing to actually meeting them I swear. There was no Kiefer Sutherland but hey, he was in my house that one time! …Yeah you’ve seen that photo with my Spice Girls shirt.

Now dinner, I told my father about this place before we left as I heard it was great from my BFF Vicki B. My dad decided to ask a local for his input on where to go guess what he said… Bubba Gumps which is exactly what I suggested and that my dears is where we went. It is the ultimate Forrest Gump experience, they quiz you and they have signs for the waiters, if you want them to come to your table you flip it to “Stop Forrest Stop” but if you wish to be left alone you flip to “Run Forrest Run”. Now the only people to have watched Forrest Gump were my parents… In 1994… When it came out so us kids were S.O.L. for these quizzes except I did know one.

“My momma always said, “life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Boom. Done. Next. Brittany is the winner! Anyway food and service was great in fact my father told our waiter (and I agree) best service we have had since we have been here.


Disneyland tomorrow sailors… See Ya REEEAAAAAL Soon!

California – Day 3